Mixed Media Art Installation by Bridget Purcell

Saturday May 19, 2018 - 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Mixed Media Art Installation by Bridget Purcell On Saturday, May 19, the Great Lawn at Park Towne Place will become a site of a colorful and interactive art work. Working with the intersection of sports and site specific sculpture, mixed media artist Bridget Purcell will stage a unique, reframed volleyball installation. Complete with net, boundary tape, and a variety of sports equipment, Purcell’s version will be meant to be both used and observed. A net will be transformed by yarn and other colorful fabrics, and balls and other sporting equipment that have been colorfully modified by various collage techniques will be introduced into the scene as well. Multiples of these items will accumulate at the site as Purcell produced them, ultimately leading to a dynamic and visually rich space that allows for alternative ideas of the objects and their use to emerge. The artist plans to establish systems to install the work over the course of the day, embellish elements organically, and involve participation by passersby. The full result will be an energetic, living sculpture that turns the theme of group play into an interesting art site.

Sponsored by Art in the Open


  • Park Towne Place Lawn
  • Philadelphia, PA

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