Pier 53 Park Public Art Workshop with Artist Stacy Levy

Saturday June 05, 2010 - 9 a.m. to noon

 Hidden Tributaries, Mysterious Tides and Invisible Microorganisms - Three Ways of Looking at the Un-seeable River  

Participants will start by tracing the local tributary and the flow of rain water into the Delaware River, with temporary markings to see the path of water on and under the concrete of the city.  The group will return to the riverbank to take a closer look at how the tide works on the Delaware itself and in all bodies of water.  We will then consider the microscopic organisms living in the river, and where they live, how they move and how they eat.  With just a bit of aquatic zoology under our belts, we will make our own versions of micro-organisms, creating them in two-dimensional hinged cut-outs, based on the architecture aquatic life in the river.  

Rain or Shine.  Materials will be provided.  Wear walking shoes and comfortable clothes.  (Includes mild exertion/walking.)  Meet in parking lot of Sheet Metal Workers Hall, 1301 S. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia. (near intersection of Washington Avenue and Columbus Blvd)  

Space is limited.  Indicate your interest to Amanda Benner, abenner@pennhort.org or call 215-988-8898.  (You will receive a confirmation for your attendance or an indication that the workshop is full.)  

For more information about the art of Stacy Levy, go to:  http://stacylevy.com/  

This workshop is held in cooperation with Biohabitats, the design/build team for Pier 53 Park, with assistance from the Pier 53 Park Project Advisory Committee, and the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation.  Coordinated by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, with funding by the Department of Environmental Protection's Coastal Zone Management Grant, the William Penn Foundation, and PA Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Sponsored by Pier 53 Park

  • Contact: Amanda Benner
  • 215-988-8898
  • abenner@pennhort.org


  • 301 South Columbus Blvd
  • Philadelphia, PA

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